Rose sighed dreamily and returned her attention to the letter she was reading, it filled her heart to bursting and she could not hide the wide grin that spread across her face. Rose laughed, she knew some people laughed at her but she could not help it, she believed in love and in happy endings, no matter how cynical people could be or how many bad relationships she had been involved in. Her mother blamed the romantic novels she loved reading from when she was a teenager,

“Get your head out of the clouds Rose, you are not thirteen any more and it’s not funny”, this was from a conversation she had just the week before. The conversation started pleasantly enough as it always did when she met her mother for lunch, Dorothy Dyson knew how to set the scene for an ambush and no matter how Rose tried, in all these years, she never saw it coming.

Dorothy called Rose and asked her to meet for lunch, Rose hesitated, she loved her mother tremendously but each year, the conversation became more tedious. Dorothy believed that her daughter was waiting for a fairy tale,

“And sweetheart, you only get those in books and in the movies”

“Mum, you tell me that every year as you give my birthday toast”, Rose said squashing the temptation to roll her eyes,

“Yes my darling, but you insist on continuing in this foolishness, oh my, I wish I had stopped you from reading those books when you were young”, Dorothy sighed and held Rose’s hands

“My darling, I want you to be happy, I want you to meet someone and get married”, Rose smiled at her mother and said that was exactly what she wanted too but she didn’t just want to get married, she wanted to be happily married and she explained that of course she would meet the man for her, and yes, she knew she was not getting younger and of course her biological clock was ticking, whatever that meant, but she was prepared to wait for her Prince charming and live happily ever after.

“Rose my dear, you are looking for the wrong things, you don’t have to be in love to get married you know, the heart doesn’t always know what is right, sometimes, a woman has to make decisions with her brains and not her emotions, and you cannot afford the luxury of doing the latter”, continued Dorothy and she went on to talk about friends who were waiting for their Mr Right

“And see where it got them, they have become bitter and angry, with an empty house”,

“Oh come on mum, that’s not a generality, I have met women who are content with their lives and are extremely happy, everyone makes different choices in their lives” Rose interrupted and she wondered why she did any way, her mother never listened to her.

A loud bang on her desk made Rose jump and return to the present, she looked up and saw Francine smirking at her,

“Should I tell Graham that you are too busy daydreaming then?” she asked, Rose shook her head

“Sorry Francine, what did you want?”

“Well if you were interested in your job, then you wouldn’t miss out on a message from the boss will you” she said and sauntered off, Rose called out to her as she walked away, but Francine looked back at her with a grin and continued walking. Rose sighed, she felt like throwing something at her perfect face, with the perfect makeup and hair and outfit,

“Are you trying to set someone on fire? If you try a bit harder, you actually just might”, it was Faith Evans, one of Rose’s good friends, Rose smiled

“That look can only mean one thing, Francine passed this way”, said Faith as she perched on Rose’s desk, Rose nodded

“I don’t know why I let her get to me, I should just ignore her”

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